Track Bandwidth collects each associated or linked computer’s downloaded and uploaded bytes by using Track Bandwidth Client software. It never collects any personal information like browsing history or anything like sniffing or spying. Track Bandwidth only tracks the number of transmitted and received bytes by each computer and send it to Track Bandwidth website time to time to keep your account up to date except windows logos which we have displayed to show the compatibility of Track Bandwidth Client software with different Windows versions, therefore these Windows logos are solely property of MICROSOFT CORPORATION and they DO NOT belong to Track Bandwidth in any case.

Logo: Any third-party logo(s) and mark(s) are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

Refund Policy: There are five plans of Track Bandwidth "Individual", "Family", "Small Business", "Medium Business"and "Large Business". "Individual" plan is absolutely free and you can enjoy the free software and service for free as an individual user, therefore, all other plans are the paid ones, so we will recommend you to first register as an "Individual" user and use our service as long as you want and once you satisfied with the service you can upgrade your plan with the paid one becuase there is no refund policy.