• What is Bandwidth?

    The simplest answer of this question is that bandwidth is a sum of total downloaded and uploaded bytes. 96% of ISPs give monthly bandwidth quota to their users, for example 500GB/mo, that means user is allowed to download or upload data under 500GB during a month or one billing cycle. One important thing to remember that when we say download or upload that does not mean that it only belongs to download or upload some file from internet, actually, when you open any website in your browser so that also downloads website data in your computer which browser interpret and display. So, when we talk about using internet that means downloading and uploading or bandwidth usage.

  • Why should I track my bandwidth?

    A computer or mobile that is connected with internet may use your internet without letting you know, for example "Windows Update" feature keeps updating your computer with security updates by downloading latest security patches (it can be disabled) similarly any installed antivirus software downloads latest virus definition files time to time to keep antivirus updated, similarly mobile devices keep downloading in order to update the OS and apps, so all these downloads mostly happens behind the scene which consume your bandwidth and you never know about those updates. Also, when you open some website in your browser at that time it downloads all website data (like, HTML, CSS, Images, Videos, etc…). In all these situations your Internet bandwidth consumes. Thus, you must need to track your bandwidth usage because if you exceed the monthly bandwidth limit so you may charge extra money or you can face internet discontinuity by your ISP.

  • What is Track Bandwidth?

    Track Bandwidth allows you to link computer and mobile devices with your Track Bandwidth account to keep check on the usage of your internet bandwidth. The process is very simple.

    1. Register and Login with Track Bandwidth.
    2. Add computer or mobile devices under Devices section.
    3. Download and Install Track Bandwidth Software in your computers and Android App in your mobiles. Then, finally link those devices with your recently added devices which is described in step 2.

    You are done!

    How to link "Computer" with Track Bandwidth
    How to link "Mobile" with Track Bandwidth
  • Can I use Track Bandwidth to track multiple devices even mobile devices?

    Yes, Track Bandwidth can be used to track internet usage of computers and mobile devices it gives you complete bandwidth consumption report of all computers/mobiles those are linked with your Track Bandwidth account. So, this product can be used personaly use or for professional use, for example, in office environment where you need to track your internet bandwidth consumption by each computer.

  • I want to track bandwidth on my computer, how can I do so?

    1. Register with Trackbandwidth.com and Login.
    2. Under "Computers" tab add your computer by giving it some name, for example "John" (Every added computer has it's own unique id).
    3. Download and Install Track Bandwidth Software in your computer, after installation Track Bandwidth Client will launch automatically and you should see live speed graph window. Right click on the green Track Bandwidth icon on system tray, select "Settings" and click on the "Link" button under Link Computer section. Now a dialog will appear that will ask email, password and computer id. Just enter your Track Bandwidth account detail as well as enter your unique computer id which was generated in step 2 (You can see all computer's unique ids in Compuers section). Click on the “Submit” button, now you should see a confirmation message. That’s it!
  • Is Track Bandwidth compatible with all browsers?

    Yes, Track Bandwidth is compatible with all the major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc... But, if you somehow find any issue in any browser you can report that issue at support@trackbandwidth.com.