STEP 1: Download Track Bandwidth App from Google Play

STEP 2: Sign up with Track Bandwidth

Signup Screen
You can sign-up directly with Track Bandwidth by filling a simple form or may sign-in with your Facebook account.
Note: If you have signed in with Facebook, so for the first time we will recommend you to set your password from Profile section.

STEP 3: Add Devices

In order to add new device click on the “Add Device” button under “My Devices” section.

STEP 4: Getting Link Code

In order to link your device (Laptop, PC, Mobile) you need the link code which you can get by following the above screen.

STEP 5: Link or Associate Your Device

Link Computer
To link or associate your device with your TrackBandwidth account, Put the code in app and click link device button.

That's it!
Now, you should see an "Device Linked" confirmation message.